Wii HDMI Kit Compatible With All Non-Mini Models

Electron Shepard is now selling a GCVideo-based HDMI kit for Nintendo Wii Consoles.  The price is a (relatively) low $80 plus shipping and it’s compatible with all versions of the Wii, except the Mini;  Previous versions of Wii HDMI mods were only compatible with a select few.  You can pre-order now and there should be regular stock available soon.  Lots more info below the link:

Purchase Here:

I need to respectfully start by saying not everyone will need this mod.  Using a quality component video cable and *cheap ADC will be a great plug-and-play solution and should work on all HDMI devices.  Of course, running those same quality cables through a scaler like the RetroTINK 5x or OSSC would be even better and result in higher resolutions!  So why would you want this mod?

The simplicity of simply connecting a single HDMI cable to your TV is nice, but the real advantage is future-proofing.  See, this is a true digital-to-digital solution with no chance of analog noise introduced.  As video game scalers with HDMI inputs start to be released and output resolutions get higher, true digital mods will start to make a much bigger difference.  While you might not see much interference going from 480p component to 1080p HDMI, once 4K scalers hit the market, it’ll be easier to tell the difference between a scaled analog and digital signal.  Remember that upscalers scale EVERYTHING they’re sent, including noise.  A true digital mod only sends the data the console generates, nothing else.

But what about when 8K scalers are released?  Or whatever comes after that?  No problem:  You’re still getting the exact, original image from the console, so this same mod will work just as well.  While that was a bit wordy, it proves the point:  True digital mods, that output the exact original signal a console generates are future-proof.

*Side-note:  Even if your flat-panel TV has component inputs, they’ll often (strangely) add more lag than going through the HDMI input, so definitely digitize analog signals before using on modern displays – More info here:

Voultar recently posted a detailed installation video, that you should definitely watch if you’re considering installing it yourself.  Also, a few years ago I posted a video on a different Wii HDMI mod running off an older version of GCVideo…but it’ll still give you a decent idea of what to expect:

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