Virtual Boy Homebrew Racer ‘Formula V’ Public Demo

Team VUEngine recently released a demo of a new top-down racing game for the Virtual Boy (think R.C. Pro Am) titled “Formula V”.  The game features really impressive 3D graphics and while still in demo form, is totally playable and a lot of fun!  Two different ROMs of the game are available;  One that works on original hardware via a ROM Cart and another designed for software emulation:

Patreon link, but accessible by everyone:
Play it in a browser:

Overall, I think this has the potential to be a really amazing game for the Virtual Boy.  The 3D effects are so impressive and I loved the “depth” effects like a grate in the road that lets you see through below it added.  And while yes, things like the clouds floating over are a bit of a cheesy 3D effect, it’s exactly the type and right amount of cheese I’d want to see in a Virtual Boy game.

I do think there’s some room for tweaking though:  The controls felt a bit sensitive and the difficulty seemed much too hard for the first level – Something that’s very common for demos and homebrew.  Also, there’s no in-game music, however the team addressed that in their post and there should be something more in the final version.

Basically, if you’re a fan of the Virtual Boy, this is a must-try!  Check out the one race I actually was able to come in first place!  It took a bunch of tries to pull this off…


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