VESA Mountable 9.7″ LCD Case

Greg from LaserBear has just started selling a VESA-mount version of the “LCD CRT” case.  It features both 100×100 and 75×75 mounting holes, making it compatible with a ton of mounting options, including both desk stands and wall mount’s with swivel options; Perfect for TATE mode!  More info below:

Purchase yours here for $50 + Shipping:
More info on the project:

The purpose of these cases are twofold:  First, if you have an old iPad with a compatible screen, you can now breath new life into something that was essentially junk.  Next, even if you end up buying all the parts new, you’ll end up with a small and light gaming display with only about one millisecond of lag.

While that in itself is still a niche use case, the MiSTer project has direct support for its native 2048×1536 resolution, suddenly making this a much cooler device!  It works really well for both vertically and horizontally-oriented games and is great as a mini gaming station.  Of course, if you were looking for a giant new monitor, this isn’t it…but if you were looking for something small as a dedicated monitor, now you’ll have a VESA mount option as well!

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