Vandal Hearts – Sega Saturn English Translation

Fans of the Sega Saturn game Vandal Hearts have recently posted an English translation patch.  The game originally had a worldwide release on the Sony PlayStation, but up until now the Saturn version was Japanese-only.

The translation was based off the PlayStation version, with some edits to improve accuracy.  This isn’t just a translation though, as the patch also ads support for the 4MB RAM cart, which cut the loading of level maps almost in half!

The full list of (current) changes are below, but there’s already been some additions since the patch was initially released.  The most up-to-date info and the download link can be found on

  • Support for VWF.
  • Support for 1-byte character encoding.
  • Expanded the palette of treasure chests, crates, icons
    and menu frames.
  • Increased the internal resolution of the game to 352×240 (original 320×224).
  • Support for widescreen (you can switch on the fly from the game menu).
  • Increased video resolution up to 320×196 (original 320×144).
  • Supports 4 MB expansion card to speed up loading of level maps (almost double boost).
  • Support for Gouraud shading for static lighting (glare from the light of torches, altars and pictograms).
  • The size of the background images of the loading screens has been increased to 352×240 (original size 320×224).
  • Restored the size of the rest of the background images (size 320×240 – as in the version for PS1).

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