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Turbografx 16 CD Owners Can Now Play Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Turbografx

The PC Engine CD game known as Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon is now accessible to English speaking audiences thanks to the hard work of a group that goes by the name of Supper.

As it is known in English, Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon is a visual novel that was originally released for the PC Engine Super CD-ROM² way back in 1994.

For those that are not familiar with the Sailor Moon franchise, it’s a manga and anime from the 90’s that was pretty popular. Based on the magical girl genre, it featured a team of magically powered girls who fought against various evil demonic entities.

Numerous games based on the manga and anime were released in the East across numerous consoles, but for some reason, they were never localized for Western audiences.

According to the notes on romhacking.net, the game is a complete English translation of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon that translates all text, adds subtitles to voice-only scenes and adds both transliterated and translated subtitles to vocal songs.

It also includes a large gallery of unused content found during production of the translation, accessible in-game through a cheat code as a bonus for fans.

There are two patches released that are largely the same, with the “honorifics” patch simply having a little less English localization for the hardcore fans.

The patch is primarily advertised to work with Redump images, however, you can rip your own disc or use any valid BIN+CUE, IMG+CUE, or ISO+WAV+CUE disc image.

PC Engine discs are not region locked in any way, so they are playable on American Turbografx-16 CD or Duo consoles.  This also applies to “burned” media as the is no copy protection built into the CD drives of these classic consoles.

As long as your CD laser assembly is in good working order and your disc was burned correctly, the game should play.  I also tested the game on the Retroarch PC Engine CD core and it worked without a hitch.

Source: Romhacking.net

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