Neo Pocket Game Drive available at Stone Age Gamer

RetroHQ’s “Game Drive” ROM cart is now available for purchase from Stone Age Gamer for $95:

You’ll have a choice of three different labels, each in a different Neo Geo style:  AES, MVS and NGP.  In my opinion, this is a really cool way to personalize the cartridge and choose your favorite color scheme.

As with most of the ROM carts they sell, SaG offers “deluxe” versions as well, which include a storage case, as well as some other extras.  Check out the main page of each cart for details!

I reviewed the original Game Drive about three years ago, back when it was sold under a different name.  The newer model Game Drive has a much nicer case and performs a bit better than this one, but it’s basic functionality is the same.  Please excuse the review style, I swear I’ve gotten better:

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