Turbo EverDrive PRO Firmware v1.03

Krikzz has just released a new firmware for the Turbo EverDrive Pro.  This fixes an issue with Arcade Card emulation, as well as a palette issue.  If you already purchased one, it’s always a good idea to keep your firmware up-to-date.  More info below the links…

Download the latest TEDPro Firmware:
Purchase Here:
MicroSD Cards:

This is the “pro” version of the Turbo EverDrive that can also play CD images (in mono) and has arcade card functionality.  The price is $220 plus shipping and you have a choice of two colors, however they’re not currently in stock.  Here’s the entire list of firmware updates since release, for reference:

v1.03 / 2023-04-03

v1.02 / 2023-03-28

  • Save states improvements
  • Memory timings optimization

v1.01 / 2023-03-08

  • Compatibility fixes
  • EDFX booster detection using expansion port pin B2

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