Rany Battikh

Time Sleuth available for Pre-Order

The Time Sleuth, a display lag tester that was announced last week, is now available for pre-order at Citrus3000psi’s website:  https://shop.dansprojects.com/time-sleuth-lag-tester.html

Priced at $80, this device will be compatible with OLED, LCD, Plasma and even CRT screens. The latter will require some adapters to function properly in conjunction with the Time Sleuth, but all of the other options will only involve a mini-USB plug for power and an HDMI cable.

The supported resolutions that the Time Sleuth can measure lag for are: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p.

Dan, aka Citrus3000psi, is also offering a PLA case for an additional $15. But for those who have access to a 3D printer, the design files are made available for download at the bottom of the pre-order’s page.

“Pre-Order will last for about 2 weeks and then order will be placed” stated Dan on his Twitter account.

The Time Sleuth definitely piqued my interest as this is exactly what I need to pursue the hunt for the “perfect” modern display, to couple with my OSSC.

Update:  Christof is continuing to improve and update the firmware, so make sure you use the latest version once you receive yours:  https://github.com/chriz2600/time-sleuth/releases