GBA Consolizer Updates

Game-tech has just posted a status update for the GBA Consolizer pre-orders:

The kits have arrived to Woozle and are currently being tested and programmed.  One kit was already sent to Jason to test-fit the 3D pieces, so the plastic can be ordered.  Overall, everything seems pretty close to on-schedule.

Unrelated, Woozle himself has tested the new wireless GBA controller kit and confirmed it works with the GBA Consolizer.  Essentially, this offers the option to use a GBA to control the SNES port on the GBA Consolizer.  Personally, I’d rather just use the SNES controller, but hey…options, right?

The GBA Consolizer is also tested and confirmed to support the 8BitDo SNES Retro Receiver, so there are at least much more practical wireless options available 🙂

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