Ray Commend

Papirium, the Paprium Spoof Delayed but Gets a New Developer

Paprium spoof, Papirium is in new hands after the mysterious disappearance of Studio Vetea on twitter. This left people to speculate and get worried, but luckily, he’s fine. After a brief absence, Vetea returned to provide a statement on the Sega-16 forum thread for Papirium.  In it, Vetea lists his numerous projects and gives his reasons […]


The Paprium Fiasco Pt2

St1ka has just uploaded Pt2 in his series about what happened to the Paprium game.  Sadly, this project looks to be hopeless, as eluded in part 1. On a lighter note, there’s still plenty of amazing homebrew out there, as well as some new official games like Tanglewood that bring a new life to an […]

Ray Commend

Out of the ashes of Paprium, Rises PapiRium!

These days, the long awaited Genesis/Mega Drive beat-em-up, Paprium is regarded as a vaporware title with its creator “Fonzie” in hiding somewhere. With the anticipated title taking the better part of a decade to develop and little-to-nothing to show for it, gamers and backers are understandably vexed about the situation.  Out of the ashes of […]