Rany Battikh

SyncSlayer II – SCART to VGA Adapter

Coming back from what he dubbed as a long hiatus, 8bitgasm from Chipnetics Computing just released the SyncSlayer II, a device that mainly converts 15kHz RGBs through Scart to 15kHz RGBHV through D-sub.

The SyncSlayer II is basically a revamped version of the original iteration, released almost two years ago. The biggest change comes in the form of replacing the older on-board video sync separator the Texas Instruments LMH1980 with the Renesas ISL59885.

A few pin jumpers have also been added this time around to toggle between TTL and 75ohm video output. The option of powering the device through the Scart connector (from the source console) has been removed, so the SyncSlayer II powers on only when the PSU is plugged in (no on/off switch either).

Here’s the full list of features:

  • Renesas ISL59885 sync separator and cleaner
  • 15Khz RGB output with clean sync signals for HSYNC, VSYNC and CSYNC
  • Switch between true ‘HSync’ or ‘Csync as Hsync’ via pin jumper
  • Switch between TTL and 75ohm terminated sync signals via pin jumper
  • Power indicator LED light
  • High quality RCA left & right audio connector
  • Euro-style screw down terminals for breakout connector
  • Amphenol Female D-Sub (VGA) connector
  • 3mm black acrylic bottom and clear acrylic top
  • High quality 5V power supply (device is always on)

Note that the SyncSlayer II is NOT an upscaler and only alters the sync signal (separates the composite sync into horizontal and vertical sync) for equipment that specifically requires a 15kHz RGBHV signal like some of the Extron Rxi video processors and switchers like the MPS 112CS.

The SyncSlayer II is now available for purchase on Tindie and is priced at 80$.


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