Sync-on-green support for future gscartsw_lite revisions confirmed!

Superg has confirmed that RGsB (sync-on-green) support is now working and will be supported in all future versions of the gscartsw_lite, utilizing the cs on/off switch!  Here’s how the new cs switch will work:

RGBS input mode:

OFF – forward CVBS or whatever is provided on input
CS – regenerate clean sync based on input

SoG input mode:

OFF – SoG is forwarded as is
CS – SoG->RGBS conversion and removal of sync from the green line

According to superg:

SoG signal detection: sync is checked on two lines (sync and green) simultaneously, sync line has a priority over green line. Everything is dynamic and transparent, when sync on green disappears (PS2 video mode switching) it switches back and vice versa.


He’s still aiming for an August release, but I’ll keep everyone updated when more details emerge!

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