SA-1 beta support on SD2SNES!

Redguy is at it again!  After recently porting the FX Chip to the SD2SNES, he’s now at work on SA-1 chip support!  The software it still in beta, but as seen in the video below, is showing great promise.  Here’s what Redguy himself had to say about it:

– It’s not complete. I’m still trying to fit all the dma stuff plus several other features

– The kirbys work. The fishing game seems to work along with some of the others that don’t use dma or interrupts extensively. smrpg works up until the level up screen which uses character conversion dma. I’m working on that now. Most other games are untested and probably broken right now.

– I don’t think msu will fit. Will have to check when more games work.

– The 65816 is mostly implemented, but not well tested. Emulation mode is probably broken. BCD format is missing. All the weird memory addressing modes and native instructions are implemented, though.

Overall, it’s an accomplishment that many SNES fans will benefit from and we all appreciate his amazing work!  More info on the SA-1 chip can be found on Wikipedia, as well as a list of games that support it:

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