New MultiMVS from Darksoft (June 25th Release)

Darksoft has just updated the firmware for the Neo Geo MultiMVS ROM cart that’s filled with bugfixes and a load of new features.  Users are reporting that almost all of the reported bugs are gone!  New features are as follows:

* Key combination has now changed.
NOW –> 1P Start + Left will go to -1 slot less.
1P Start + Right goes to +1 slot
1P Start+Up will call the menu.
* Automatcially copy the files of /updated/menu to /games/menu when doing a menu update.
* Properly change Region and Mode (MVS/AES).
* Fixed several situations when the game will freeze.
* Fixed that sometimes changing from SLOT 3 to SLOT 1 will have undesired behaviour.
* Added an option that can be activated from the menu so that we can switch off/on the possibility of entering into menu(For public locations)
* A special surprise that will be announced on due time together with AES version.

There is a new menu update in the works as well, that’s not too far off.  Anyone running a MultiMVS should update right away to enjoy the new stability and features!

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