Super Mario Land v1.2 Released

The creator of the really awesome remake of Super Mario Land for the SNES has just posted one more revision:

I honestly thought the game’s v1.1 revision had fixed all the complaints people had, but the creator has added the following changes:

  • Further improved gameplay & camera movement.
  • Improved Power Ball functionality.
  • Level design closer to the original (hidden boxes and such).
  • Enemy hit points and boss difficulty closer to the original.
  • Some bugfixes.

Honestly, I loved this game and really enjoyed playing through and beating it!  In fact, this is one of those games that I think has always had replay value!  While I love the Game Boy version, I think I’ll be more likely to play this one in the future, as it really is a wonderful “port”.  Please remember it’s playable on real hardware via ROM Carts and on the MiSTer!

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