Simpler and Improved BennVenn Game Boy Color Backlight Mod

UPDATE:  Pre-orders officially opened:

BennVenn is at it again, and this time he may just be releasing the definitive solution for playing Game Boy Colors in the dark. On February 1st he officially announced this new mod via Facebook:

The new drop in back-lit GBC solution! What do you think? The image size is comparable to the existing image size on…

Posted by BennVenn on Friday, February 1, 2019



This was originally hinted at by Youtuber esotericsean some weeks ago, but it is very exciting to hear about this right from the horse’s mouth! The previous mod solution, while it did produce very nice final results, required highly advanced case modding only possible with practice, patience, and a drill press. It also required the power LED to be removed. These things are no more thanks to this new updated version. His new mod will be a “drop in back-lit GBC solution,” and “[t]he image size [will be] comparable to the existing image size on the ags101 LCD” without wrecking the aspect ratio. BennVenn also reports that it, “[o]ffers 4x linear up-scaling, zero conversion lag, frame locked 59.9hz to the GBCs original video. No interlacing artifacts. A color palette similar to the AGS 101 LCD.” Also he writes, “The refresh rate of this LCD is 12x higher than the ags101 so blur is completely eliminated.”

Pre-orders will be opening soon, and Youtuber KyleAwsm will soon have a prototype in hand and be doing a full reveal on his channel.

With eyes everywhere spoiled by beautiful backlit screens, playing GBC games on original hardware is finally about to get really good again (without the need for kludgy plastic case modding).

Stay tuned.