New CRT RGB Mod Board

A new open-source design for a board to assist in RGB-modding TV’s has just been released.  WARNING:  Modding or working on CRT’s is very dangerous and should only be done by professionals with extreme caution.

The general procedure for RGB-modding a TV was to lift the RGBs lines from the On-Screen Display chip, as well as the “blanking” voltage line that activated the OSD.  Then you’d run both the ins and outs to a 3-way switch, connecting a SCART (or other RGB connector) to the third rail on the switch.  This switch would toggle between the OSD and RGB input and allow the true RGB signal to be snuck into the CRT.

It’s been a goal of many people to simplify this process and this new board brings us one step closer.  Hopefully this open-source design can turn into a community project and possibly even tailored for the most commonly modded CRT’s;  I’d love to see designs made so you just desolder the OSD chip, install a socket and insert the OSD chip + custom board (NESRGB-style).

If you’re interested and have the ability to help, please check it out!


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