Simple $7 Product Makes Installing the Pluto GC HDMI Mod Easier

Helder just released a really cool Quick Solder Flex Ribbon that allows you to more easily and cleanly install a Pluto IIx development board into the Nintendo Gamecube.

Now you may be asking, why would anyone what to install a FPGA development board into the Gamecube?

Great question!  The Pluto IIx is used as a platform to host Ingo Korb’s GCVideo firmware, which then allows the Gamecube to output a high quality 480p image through the Pluto’s HDMI port.

Essentially, Helder’s flex ribbon cable allows modders to more easily connect the Pluto IIx Board to the Gamecube’s Digital Port vias.  Before, one would have to individually solder 20 plus wires in order to install this mod making the overall project a bit more cumbersome.

Now, keep note, because this mod utilizes the Digital Ports motherboard connections, Helder’s quick solder ribbon as well as the Pluto GC mod is only compatible with DOL-001 model Gamecubes.

Additionally, unlike the GC Dual, this mod requires the removal of the Digital Port which is a bit of a bummer due to it’s difficulty.

Anyway, I think Helder’s flex ribbon revitalizes this often forgotten internal HDMI mod for the Gamecube.

You can purchase the ribbon individually for around $7, or you can buy the bundle which includes the ribbon pre-soldered to the Pluto board (which comes loaded with the latest version of GCVideo), and a 3D printed bracket designed by Greg of LaserBear Industries.

Check out the video linked above for instruction on how to complete the mod as well as how it compares to plug n’ play GCVideo options, like the Carby.

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