Alex Mitchell

Silent Hill 2: EE Receives Update #7

In spite of being one of the most beloved and discussed horror games in the history of the medium, Silent Hill 2 has yet to receive any official remakes or remasters that are really worth spending your time playing. Not content to let this classic languish due to Konami’s neglect, a group of dedicated fans banded together to fix a number of bugs in the PC version that had historically kept it from being less preferable to the original PS2 release—in some cases, addressing bugs that actually plague every commercially available version of the game. A whole suite of improvements, bundled together under the banner “Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition“, continues to be developed and the project has released its seventh update and an accompanying video changelog detailing the new improvements:

Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition in compatible with both the North American and the European “Director’s Cut” PC releases, but for reasons that should be obvious you’ll need to provide your own copy of the game to benefit from these improvements—a bit of a downer considering that the game is no longer available in physical form and it has yet to be distributed on any digital storefront that I can find. As always, it is again up to the retro gaming community to ensure the longevity of important works…