Sega CD / Saturn Longbox Case Replacements

Stone Age Gamer just posted a video comparing the longbox cases they’re selling to originals.  Unlike many other sellers, SaG is allowing you to purchase them one at a time.  If you’re planning on replacing multiple cases, buying a bulk pack from Amazon is more cost-efficient, but if you’re like me and only need one or two, waiting until you need something else from SaG (maybe a ROM cart), adding one of these to your cart is a great way to pick one up!

$10 each from SaG:
$60 for 10 from Amazon:

As with previous replacement longboxes, they seem good quality and it would take an avid collector to spot the differences between original Sega CD and Saturn boxes with these.  While they will work with PS1 longboxes, the differences would be easy to spot;  From a functionality & protection standpoint, this doesn’t matter, but it’s something that would most likely annoy collectors.

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