SD2SNES Firmware 1.10.3 Released

Ikari has just released new firmware for both the SD2SNES and SD2SNES Pro.  Currently on v1.10.3, most changes since the last post have been fixes, which are always welcome!  See below for the full list.

As always, the latest version can be found here:

  • [Mk2] Revert S-DD1 bitfile to earlier build which happens to less expose a
    timing hazard. This will need further examination for a proper fix.
    Fixes severe glitches with S-DD1
  • [All] Fix swapped logic terms in SA-1 and SuperFX RAM write cycles. Fixes
    severe glitches on SA-1 and SuperFX on Mk.II units; The bug was also
    present in the Pro firmware but didn’t seem to have much of an effect
  • [All] Fix game video mode setting in SuperCIC pair mode
  • [Pro] fix wrong data ROM size on uPD96050 core -> F1 ROC II track is shown
  • [Pro] fix S-DD1 address mirroring -> Star Ocean works
  • [Pro] correct Cx4 core speed from 96MHz to 80MHz
  • [All] apply volume boost after FPGA reconfiguration
    (fixes MSU1 volume boost on Cx4, OBC1, SuperFX, SA-1, S-DD1)
  • [All] fix S-DD1 writes going to the wrong address on concurrent MCU
    accesses (saving not working in Star Ocean)
  • [All] avoid potential data corruption on MCU writes (e.g. SPC loading)
  • [All] Workaround for Super Nt not booting when CIC enters pair mode


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