Vanessa (Vanessaira)

Superb Documentary on the Japanese Sound & Music Giant, Roland

Youtuber Alex Ball and a whole host of fellow youtubers and contributors put together an excellent documentary on the Japanese sound and music tech giant, Roland.  This documentary style video named “Land of the Rising Sound”.  Is an incredibly enjoyable retrospective, as the authors put forth a history of the company through uses of its prominent products throughout the years.  From its humble beginnings and spin offs, Roland cemented itself as an industry leader and pioneer making quality products that shaped and moved the music industry.  It is evident to note that many types of music genres owe their existence to the wonderful products from Roland that artist used to create magic in the sound and music fields.  As such this has a direct and indirect impact on the video game industry.  For example the Roland SC-55 (Sound Canvas) MIDI Module was instrumental by composers who made music for games like the original Doom.

Audio/Visual Geeks and lovers of technology will enjoy this documentary and its quality of production, wealth of history, and in depth information will make you feel you are watching another great video from Youtubers like My Life in Gaming (MLiG).  Definitely check out this retrospective below.