RetroTINK 5x v3.69 Firmware Update

Mike Chi has just released a new beta firmware for the RetroTINK 5x, with some interesting features.  The first is an exciting feature for PS2, 480i30 games:  2:2 pulldown (see example from Wobbling Pixels above).  This allows for sharper deinterlacing without any artifacts, for any content that’s locked to 30fps.  Next is an inverse telecine deinterlacer, that works in conjunction with the Time Base Correction added to the previous beta firmware.  This will allow people using the RT5x for watching 480i video content (VHS, Laserdisc, DVD, etc) some very cool options!  There’s also the ability to input S-Video over the Green and Blue RCA jacks, which is great for people who run all types of signals through the same switch, such as Extron Crosspoints.  As always, the firmware update and new features are free and if you run into any issues, you can revert to any previous firmware at any time.

Beta Firmware:
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Official firmware:

This firmware update is extra cool, as it was originally added as a feature to the upcoming RetroTINK 4K, yet Mike took the time to back-port it for existing RT5x owners!  The 2:2 pulldown is especially appreciated, as Mike originally thought the RT5x’s hardware wouldn’t be fast enough for it to work.  While most people would understand if it was a RT4K-only feature, the fact that Mike worked so hard to get it backported to the RT5x is really appreciated!!!

One thing I’d love to see is a list of games that are locked to 480i30!  There’s at least one list floating around, but it’s not correct:  The 2:2 pulldown feature is meant for games locked at 480i, 30 frames per second.  While sure, it’ll be fine for games that occasionally dip a frame or two, this isn’t for games with a constantly-variable framerate.  Hopefully the community can help and we can get a definative list on!

Here’s the full changelog:

  • *Added 2:2 Inverse Telecine
    • If anyone is interested in trying 30p -> 60i material (games, movies, etc.) that would be great
  • Deinterlace and Vertical Interp. are now separate menus
  • Ported RT4K Inverse Telecine Deinterlacer
    • This should be used in conjunction with Frame Lock/Gen Lock/TBC to maintain the correct buffer order
    • Filter setting ranges from Low to Max. Low is for clean sources such as DVDs. Maximum is for noisy sources such as VHS
  • Adjusted default ADC clamps to minimize green tint
  • Touched up crops in 16:9 1080pOver
  • Increased NO SIGNAL threshold to hopefully (?) stop signal drops in PAL triple buffer
  • The lightgun border in 2560×1440 is not fixed. Currently do not have time to investigate
  • Shifted 16:9 SDP modes for 1080pFill to avoid glitch on left hand side
  • Added alternate S-Video input on Green/Blue RCA jacks

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