Retronauts and RetroRGB Live At PAX Boston!

I’m very proud to announce I (Bob) will be doing a panel with Jeremy and Benj from Retronauts at PAX East in Boston.  It’s Saturday, February 29th from 7PM – 8PM at the Bumblebee Theater!

The theme is “The Media is the Message”:

From punch cards to MicroSD chips, video games have appeared on an enormous variety of physical formats through the years. Each and every one of these media formats has had an impact on the nature of the games it contains. In this retrospective survey, we’ll look at the history of games media formats and how they’ve impacted the design of video games. How did CD-ROM seek and access times define entire game genres? Will magnetic media self-destruct? Who was the first genius to discover Switch carts taste terrible? We attempt to answer all these questions and more!

I’ll also be wandering around PAX the whole show, so please come say hi if you see me!  Hopefully I’ll be able to set up some more events, but for now, check out the full info on the Retronauts panel here:

Retronauts Links (although I’m sure you’re already familiar ;p):  (available on all major podcast platforms)

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