Retro Game Restore Genesis Shell Pre-Orders

Retro Game Restore has just opened pre-orders on smoke clear shells for the model 1 Genesis / Mega Drive.  The first 200 units sold will be at a 15% discount, to help “kickstart” the sales process and crowdfund what it takes to get started.  I purchased one and the total price came to about $120 after shipping to NYC:

Genesis / Mega Drive Shell:
Super Famicom Shell:
Other Shells:

As I previously discussed, these shells are very high quality and cost quite a bit to make.  One of the main reasons for their cost is the quantity:  RGR needs to make a minimum of 500, in order to make the full run.  Normally, when people purchase the tooling required to make high quality plastic shells, they cost is made up in quantity:  If something costs $50k in tooling, but you’re manufacturing 10,000 of them, you can afford to sell them very cheap and still make a profit.  Low-quantity runs like this are always expensive for the same reasons.

Also, this one shell should fit all model 1 Genesis and Mega Drive versions, however RGR is still considering different ways to decorate them for the proper region.  Making two top shell molds is definitely too expensive, so hopefully they can find a way to add the logo’s after they arrive.  Maybe some high-quality decals that align over the top with a guide to keep them centered?

Either way, I love the look and was very happy to purchase one!

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