RaspberryPi TINK Ultimate CastleMania Pre-Orders

CastleMania Games has just opened pre-orders on a new run of the RetroTINK Ultimate Raspberry Pi Hat, with plans to ship in June:

The ‘TINK Ultimate’ is a device that connects to the top of a Raspberry Pi and allows for 240p RGB, Component, S-Video and Composite video output.  While you can accomplish 240p output via a simple HDMI to Component converter for direct CRT use, this ‘hat’ allows for multiple outputs and compatibility with all devices that use 240p signals.  The best solution for RPi owners depends completely on your personal setup and the TINK Ultimate is an excellent choice.

Mike Chi, the creator of the TINKUltimate had previously open-sourced the project and announced that he’ll no longer be manufacturing them.  It’s awesome to see a respectable store pick up the design and continue to make it available for the people who’s setups will benefit from this adapter.  Also, as usual, Ryan is following all the guidelines set by this freeware device and is in contact with Mike about it;  Something that’s not ‘required’, but a classy move.

There’s other solutions available as well, that might be a better fit.  Please check out the video below for more info and I’ll try to have a “2020 Follow Up” video soon to highlight some new products that were launched after that video, such as the latest hat from Retro Game Restore.

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