PSIO Pre-Orders Open

Pre-orders for the PlayStation SD loader called the PSIO are now open to everyone for just over a hundred USD.  There’s no word on when these will actually ship, but I hope it’ll be sooner then their past orders – I received mine fifteen months after ordering!!  I’d assume a long wait, as the PSIO team even included a disclaimer in their announcement video that they won’t be answering status emails:

Once you have pre-ordered, please do not email us asking what your tracking number is at this stage and or when your PSIO Cartridge will be shipped because we will not reply to them. You will receive an email notifying you when we have new information regarding your order. If we do have any other news however, it will be on our website under the ‘News’ page.” 

Make sure your PS1 has a serial port on the back, or this device won’t work.  If you need to purchase one, maybe look for the original launch editions with good audio, like the ones linked below.  More info is available on their website:

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