PS1 Net Yaroze Dev Kit & Unreleased Game

Modern Vintage Gamer just posted a video that includes a pretty cool bonus:  An unreleased PS1 game based on the light cycle scene from Tron!

The main video is about the $750 Net Yaroze “official homebrew” development kit for the original PlayStation.  Basically, Sony wanted to create a homebrew game scene on the PS1 and came up with a kit that was significantly less expensive than the main dev kit, but didn’t offer every feature needed to make retail discs – Presumably to make sure larger developers still purchased the real kit.

MVG walks us through how the kit works and shows examples of a few games that were made with Net Yaroze – One of which has never been shown before this video!  Sony even showed interest in publishing the game, but it didn’t end up happening.  Now, the game has just been released for the first time!

Please check out the video for the full story and all the details!  Here’s the direct link to the light cycle game:

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