PS Vita Video-Out via Raspberry Pi

xCorra posted a video of a successful video-out solution for the PlayStation Vita via a Raspberry Pi. Most games work, and they are working on a Wifi streaming option for the titles that aren’t supported. Of course, the PSTV is an out-of-the-box solution for Vita HDMI video capture…

“Hello, so this is my 2nd update to my project and final one before complete tutorial,

News: full screen possible at 30 fps no quality loss (not 100% sure as I only have 768p tv available at my home and no 1080p,4k etc.), min latency (1-2 frames)

Only thing left to do for me is to make tutorial, finish WIFI stream solution as well for games not supported by xerpis plugin and scripts to simplify everything which will be done by the end of this week.”