Project-Nested: Play NES games on SNES

Developer Myself086 has been working on a really interesting piece of software called “Project-Nested” that emulates NES roms to work on the SNES.  This is not something like a NES FPGA core for the FXPax Pro, this is a direct conversion of the ROM to look for the SNES’ hardware registers instead of the SNES’.  Check out the livestream above for a demo and more info on how to use it is below the links:

Download the latest version here:
Compatibility list:
Support on Patreon:
Playable on real SNES hardware with any ROM cart:

To start the process of converting your roms to be emulated, download the zip file and open the compatibility list – Basically, just the two links above.

Now check the compatibility list for the game you’d like to convert.  I’ll try Adventure Island II.  As you can see, it’s listen in green, which means compatibility is good.  Also, there’s some notes about the game…we’ll come back to that in a moment:

Now, open the Project Nested software and load up the Adventure Island II rom.  You’ll need to reference the notes from the compatibility list and make any necessary changes;  In this case, I’ll be changing the Vram queue buffer size to 0x3000.  You don’t really need to know what or why you’re changing it, just follow the directions:

When you’re done, hit “Save SNES” and it will create a SNES ROM (*.smc) in the same folder as the original.  You might also want to hit “save profile”, which will save your settings to a file in the “profiles” sub directory.  It would be really cool if someday these files were used to make an integrated database of the best settings that can be automatically applied!

And that’s pretty much it!  Just load your ROM any way you choose, including the most basic SNES rom cart.  Nothing special is needed, as the SNES treats it like a regular SNES/SFC ROM!

While compatibility isn’t perfect, I think this is a really amazing project!  Feel free to read more about it on Myself086’s github…and of course, if you’re a fan of the work, please consider joining the patreon!

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