Octopus Arcade Fight Stick

TR Fight Stick have successfully funded an Indiegogo campaign for a new arcade-style fight stick, they’re calling the “Octopus Arcade Fight Stick”.  While the Octopus will be compatible with many platforms, such as Neo Geo / Supergun, Nintendo Switch, MiSTer and PC, it also has a built-in VMU for complete Dreamcast compatibility as well!  The price is $380 for one and $500 for two, with shipping to customers estimated at June 2024.  More info below the link:

Pre-Order Here:

First – and as always – There’s no guarantee you’ll get whatever it is that you’ve crowdfunded…however TR Fight stick has a long history of always delivering their pre-orders.  While there’s no such thing as a “sure thing”, this is about as close as possible and I’d personally feel completely comfortable handing them my money.

Next, this thing looks awesome – Especially for Dreamcast fans.  Using your favorite fight stick on the DC could be tricky, as if you wanted to use your VMU for saves, you’d be stuck hot-swapping the controller…which, as we all know, could fry your DC’s controller board ;/  The only safe option would be to buy an official Dreamcast Arcade Stick.  They’re not too expensive, however you might not have the space for another arcade stick…or you just might prefer to use the one you’re used to.

This fight stick connects to different consoles via RJ45->Console cables and it’ll come with ones for Dreamcast and USB.  I think it’ll also come with Saturn and Neo Geo / Supergun cables as well, but I’m waiting for confirmation.  This will all be accomplished via a custom board, similar to the MC Cthulhu and others like it (sadly, no lag test results have been posted yet):

It’ll also come with different faceplates, as well as all Sanwa-components, additional buttons and plenty more.  Basically, in my opinion, this looks like a standard top-tier fight stick, but with true Dreamcast compatibility as well.  Check out the campaign for more info.

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