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New SX-1 Mini FPGA MSX Compatible Available

The SX-1 Mini-ITX format FPGA board is now available to purchase from 8bits4ever.  This FPGA is a fully compatible MSX2+ system that is in a Mini-ITX form factor.  Which will give users greater options when deciding on which case they can use to house this board.  Other features of this FPGA board include video output options supporting VGA/RGB/Composite video.   It has a stereo audio output, as well as a PS/2 keyboard input, two DB9 joystick ports, and two USB ports.  There is an SD card slot and two cartridge slots which can support mass storage and use of BASIC or MSXDOS.  On the sound front the SX-1 also features SCC+ sound, FM sound, 2 or 4 MB RAM mapper, and turbo mode (5,37mhz/8,06mhz) and expansion cartridge slots are available as well.  Price is 130 Euros and links to the store are done below.


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