New NES Game: Data Man

Developer Darkbits has just released a new top-down shooter for the Nintendo Entertainment System called Data Man.  The game puts you “inside a computer”, where your goal is to save the CPU.  You can purchase the ROM for $10, or a complete-in-box, physical copy from Broke Studio for about $55.  The cartridge is compatible with (and optimized for) both PAL and NTSC consoles and also comes with the ROM if you’d prefer to play via emulation as well.  More info after the links:

Physical Release:
Purchase the ROM:
Main Site:

As with all modern cartridge releases, I’d suggest checking to make sure it’s beveled before putting it in your console, however Broke Studio has a good reputation for physical releases.  And like I always say, if a company has taken the steps to make a proper cartridge, they want you to check and spread the word of it’s build quality!

Regardless if you choose the ROM or physical copy, this game looks very cool!  I also love that there’s two different 2-player modes, so if you have a friend who likes retro games, you can both enjoy!  Here’s more details of the release:

Pack contains

  • A brand new cartridge
  • A brand new cartridge sleeve
  • A full color cardboard box
  • A full color manual
  • A styrofoam
  • ROM file to play in an emulator
  • Digital game manual (PDF)


  • 1 or 2 players
  • 20 action packed levels
  • 4 boss encounters
  • Cooperate with a friend or compete for score
  • Optimized for both PAL and NTSC systems
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