SMS FM Sound Games Compared

Joe from Game Sack is back again with another awesome video, this time demoing every single Sega Master System game with FM sound.  Did you realize the SMS even had an FM sound accessory?  Curious what the difference is from the main PSG sound?  Don’t know what either of those are?  Or maybe you already know all that, but want to hear how each game compares?  Either way, if you’re an SMS fan, definitely give this one a watch!

SMS FM Sound Info:
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SMS FM sound was something that always fascinated me, as I never realized it existed until right about the time I started RetroRGB.  I owned an SMS as a kid for a little while and other than the person I bought it from, I may have been the only kid in my area to even know what it was!  I think it was because the only “big box” store near me at the time was called Toy Works and they didn’t carry SMS at all, only Sega Genesis and Nintendo products.  Playing Space Harrier 3D via RF on a terrible old CRT was amazing as a kid and I had no idea there was a better soundtrack available in the same game!!!

Anyway, SMS fans should absolutely check this one out.  I also recently did a livestream with St1ka, testing out some of the unique accessories the SMS had, if you’re interested:

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