New MiSTer Scaler & Arcadia 2001 & VC 4000 Core (C2650)

Grabulosaure has been testing a new scaler for MiSTer using the Genesis core as a guinea pig (analog only lite build). When complete, it could be used as an upgraded scaler for other cores. It is early, but two cores built using the scaler are available here. Cores built using the new scaler will have different latency results compared to the standard MiSTer scaler, so comparison tests are needed, although it is early and improvements will come with time.

Also on the site is a test core built around the Signetics 2650 (C2650), which was the heart of the 8-bit Arcadia 2001 & VC 4000. Although a WIP, the C2650 core boots .BIN ROMs on MiSTer (analog only lite build).

Thanks to Rysha for testing and providing pictures. The test-cores are lite builds which means they are analog-only for now. They will be much sharper via HDMI.

New scaler options menu



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