MiSTer Pack List v1.0 Launched

My v1.0 MiSTer ROM Pack List was launched after over a month of work by a team based out of the SmokeMonster Patreon-Elite Discord, led by Rysha. Fully compiled, it spans nearly 200,000 games, dozens of console/arcade/home-computer platforms, and decades of video game history.

Hash Database:

Release Notes
This is a suggested layout for the MiSTer FPGA Multi-Console. No ROMs are included. Compile the list using the open-source EverDrive Packs Lists tools by pointing the script to a single folder containing your legally-sourced ROMs. When the script has completed, all content will have been be hash-compared, renamed, and cleanly arranged for the MiSTer filesystem. If desired, fill in missing assets (firmware, etc) following the folder list below. The script allows a legal way of sharing file and folder layouts without distributing any ROMs, since it simply conveys a text descriptions of files and folders.

Cores Supported:
Amiga & Amiga CD32
Amstrad – CPC 6128
ao486 – DOS & Windows 486 PC
Apogee Radio-86RK
Apple II/II+
Aquarius – Mattel
–Azurian Attack
–Black Hole
–Bomb Jack
–Burger Time
–Computer Space
–Cosmic Avenger
–Crazy Climber
–Crush Roller
–Donkey Kong
–Dream Shopper
–Galaxy Wars
–Lady Bug
–Lizard Wizard
–Lode Runner*
–Lunar Rescue
–Moon Cresta
–Moon Patrol
–Mr. TNT
–Ms. Pac-Man
–Pac-Man Plus
–Snap Jack
–Space Attack II
–Space Invaders
–Space Invaders – Alt (Arcade Invaders)
–Space Invaders II
–Space Laser
–Super Earth Invasion
–Super Glob
–The End
–Time Pilot
–Van Van Car
–War of the Bugs
Arcade Hacks – NML32
Archie – Acorn Archimedes
Atari 800
Atari 2600
Atari 5200
BBC Micro B/Master 128K
BK0011M – Electronika BK
C16 – Commodore 16
C64 – Commodore 64
FX CAST – Atari ST
Genesis & Mega Drive
Jupiter Ace
Macintosh Plus
MSX – MSX, MSX2, MSX2+, MSX3/TurboR
NES – Nintendo NES, Famicom, Famicom Disk System
PET2001 – Commodore PET
QL – Sinclair QL
SAM Coupe
Sharp MZ
SMS – Sega Master System
SNES – Super Nintendo & Super Famicom*
Spectrum – Sinclair ZX Spectrum
SPMX – Specialist
TGFX16 – NEC TurboGrafx-16, PC Engine, SuperGrafx
TI-99_4A – Texas Instruments TI-99/4A
Vector06 – Вектор-06Ц [Vector-06C]
VIC20 – Commodore VIC-20
X68000 – Sharp X68000 Series*
ZX81 – Sinclair ZX80, ZX81

*Cores in development

MiSTer Wiki:

How to use:

1. Follow the Setup Guide to prepare an SD card:…ki/Setup-Guide

Update MiSTer Firmware & Menu to the latest versions, as instructed in the Setup Guide. Rename the firmware as instructed.

2. After SD card is prepared and FW/Menu are updated (and FW renamed), copy the pack directly to the root of the SD card. Overwrite files if prompted.

Update your cores
– “VHD” means Virtual Hard Drive. When you see one in a folder, it usually means that a ready-to-use setup will boot when its core is launched
Controller Tests
– “NN” cores are custom builds by Rysha with Nearest Neighbor scaling
– Analog NTSC Menu provided by Rysha 2018-11-01

Common Hotkeys:
– F12: Open/close OSD/submenu
– Alt-F12: Core selection
– LCtrl+LAlt+RAlt: “USER” button, normally used as “core/system reset”
– LShift+LCtrl+LAlt+RAlt: MiSTer reset (load Menu core)

– Do not rename folders
– Do not request support outside of Discord
– Do not submit error reports for individual ROMs

– Simple READMEs are needed for some computer cores, to guide MiSTer users through the process of booting games
– Game collections are welcome if they are tested packs with new content

*MiSTer Discord Channels*
Classic Gaming Discord
SmokeMonster Patreon Discord
OpenVGS Discord

Credits (MiSTer Pack List):
Rysha: VHD maker, custom MiSTer.ini, custom Nearest Neighbor cores, custom Analog NTSC menu, folder layout, help, spiritual support, etc, etc, etc
SmokeMonster Discord Members: Testing, help, and suggestions
NML32: Arcade Hacks

v1.0 – Initial Release




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