New MiSTer Multisystem Accessories

The team behind the awesome MiSTer Multisystem kit has just launched three new accessories for it!  The first is a low-latency adapter designed for using classic PC controllers on your MiSTer.  Next is a limited edition beige case that’s meant to mimic the color of classic PC’s, such as the Amiga 500. And lastly is a plug-and-play Composite + S-Video adapter that can be used at the same time as the RGB and HDMI output!  Tons more info below the links:

Beige Case:
Composite / S-Video Expansion:

There’s lots to talk about here.  First, the controller adapter is available either as an external module, or a stackable addition that sits underneath your MMS.  These accept joysticks, mice, paddles and trackballs via DE9 and DE15 connectors.  This comes with built in protection against short circuits for the many classic controller wiring types, which is a smart addition.  And it’ll handle both digital and analog devices at no more than 2ms of latency, with some at .7ms!

Nest is a MMS case that’s printed in a color that’s reminiscent of classic 80’s PC’s.  They list it as looking like an Amiga 500, but since we didn’t have those here in the US, it reminds me of older Apple II computers.  They’re even offering the design files for free if you’d like to print your own in whatever color you’d like!

Lastly is the “Super Video Custard Cartridge” – A device that converts RGB to S-Video and Composite.  This is an interesting choice, as it’s not using Mike Simone’s code and is instead relying on conversion circuits.  While RGB to S-Video can have excellent results, RGB to Composite is usually sub-par.  That said, this was designed slightly different than the previous solutions I’ve tried, so maybe this one will work better?  I’m hopefully getting one in for testing, so maybe hold off before purchasing to see how it compares to Mike’s method that generates cvbs and Y/C in the cores itself.

Overall, the MiSTer Multisystem has been my favorite case for people looking for a “console-like experience”.  It’s layout and features are great and it’s one of the only pieces of equipment that have stayed in my setup untouched for over a year!

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