Neo Geo MVS 240p Test Suite Physical Edition

A physical version of the 240p Test Suite for the Neo Geo MVS is now available to purchase.  It comes with a high-quality case and you can choose from six different colors for the cartridge.  The cartridge uses a 5V FLASH NOR memories instead of traditional EEPROM used in the original game cartridges, and it’s designed to allow write/read the data on the memory with an external programmer (not included), to bring possibilities to apply updates in the future or use as homebrew cartridge.  I did a livestream demoing it (above) and there’s links and more info below.  The price is $150 plus shipping – Which as far as anything Neo Geo is concerned, should be considered “cheap”!!:

Purchase Here:
Download ROM:
Support the 240p Test Suite Team:

As a note, there isn’t an AES version available at this time, however this is compatible with MVS to AES conversion cartridges.  The team tested it with the Furrtek one, but others should work as well:

Key Features and Benefits (specific to this physical release):

  • Custom-made MVS homebrew cartridge featuring the Neo Geo 240p Test Suite
  • Each cartridge possesses a unique serial number that corresponds between the label and the ROM inside
  • AES compatibility via cartridge adapter, with special adaptations for the system
  • Comprehensive selection of tests and utilities to achieve flawless 240p visuals
  • Fine-tune display parameters such as geometry, colors, and pixel phase
  • User-friendly interface for intuitive navigation and control
  • Compatible with all Neo Geo hardware revisions
  • Exquisite artwork by the renowned artist, Pepe Salot
  • Updatable as a service to incorporate future changes, while ensuring all features are included from day one
  • Each Neo Geo 240p Test Suite Custom MVS Cartridge is a limited and collectible edition, meticulously produced in limited quantity.
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