Neo Geo AES Basic Bypass Guide Added

I just added a guide on how to do a “basic” RGB bypass on a Neo Geo AES console.  It’s been tested on two AES 3-6’s and should work on other revisions as well:

While there are similar guides all over the internet, I wanted this to demonstrate a fully-reversible #nocutmod that focuses on quality.  I also wanted to demonstrate the results through 4K scaled video, screenshots and oscilloscope measurements!  I really tried to show not only what to do, but why I’m doing it!

As with all my guides, I’m sure the next few days will include some minor cleanup, spelling errors and tweaks of the new page, however the info is solid!  Hopefully this will help people who have AES revisions with jailbars and interference issues!

Here’s a 4K demonstration of before and after the mod is performed:

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