Big MiSTer Arcade Core Refresh & New Additions

Many older MiSTer arcade FPGA cores have been left behind from the overhauls and updates that console and PC cores received over the last year. Several were still on the old scaler and lacked new features. Alan Steremberg has made it his mission to bring every single one of them up to date and on the newest Ascal (fast/modern) scaler, and he’s adding new features like cocktail mode, MAME key mapping, and ROM loading.

This is a huge service to MiSTer fans of the obscure and older arcade games, and it will make SD card organization a lot cleaner since we will be able to store folders full of hack ROMs and revisions, instead of needing an individual folder (and core mirror) for every single ROM.

Alan is also porting new arcade cores from other FPGA platforms to MiSTer, and he has already completed the following:
Canyon Bomber
Sprint 1
Sprint 2
Super Breakout
Traverse USA


A huge thank-you to Funkycochise for the heads up!