N64 Digital Firmware Update Brings MiSTer Scanline Filter Sharing

PixelFX, the team behind the N64 Digital HDMI mod, has just released firmware v1.5.6, which allows more control over the image on-screen.  Basic users who just want a clean HDMI output might not be interested, but anyone who zooms or uses scanlines should absolutely check this out!

N64d’s are current out of stock due to the global part shortage, but here’s the main site for reference:

While the ability to set custom aspect ratios is great, I think the most notable feature of this update is the ability to share scanline profiles with the MiSTer FPGA project!  After years of scanline emulation being presented as “horizontal black lines”, it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come in just a few short months.  I’ve recently started testing some of the recent community-submitted options for the MiSTer and thought a few of them came extremely close to reproducing a CRT-like experience on a flat-panel.  The ability to run those on the N64d – as well as the already amazing scanline options PixelFX created – should allow as close to an N64 CRT experience as possible on modern TV’s.  For more info on why this is important, please check out the N64 video below and skip to the video section.

To get this firmware, enter the N64 Digital’s menu and select “system”.  Then go to “firmware” and set the update channel to “testing”.  Then save by pressing R and hit “update firmware”.  You’ll of course need to be connected to a wifi network to download anything.  After the firmware update is complete, hit R to reboot the N64d;  As a note, it will only reboot the N64d itself, not your console.  This is totally normal and a time-saving feature!  We detailed this process in the Deep Dive video below, as well as plenty more information.  Here’s the full list of changes since last time:

  • New: Custom pixel/display aspect ratios
  • New: Redesigned preset menu
  • Ex-/Import slotmask (shadowmask) to/from MiSTer via WebU


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