MVG’s How NESticle changed NES Emulation forever

Modern Vintage Gamer recently posted a video about the early NES emulation scene.  It was a fun look into the history of NES emulation and interesting for anyone curious about the first steps in recreating the NES on other platforms.

While you don’t need to have any nostalgic memories of the software mentioned to like the video, this certainly struck a chord with me!  I remember being a kid and following the progress of Marat Fayzullin‘s iNes, as well as NESticle while they were still in development.  It was a really exciting time, as progress in software emulation led to things like soundtrack ripping, romhacks;  Basically, all the things we often take for granted today were formed in this era.

It was also a bit mind-blowing that over twenty years later, I’d be able to interview Marat and talk about his work in the scene!  If you’d like to check that out, it’s an audio-only interview available on YouTube, for direct download and everywhere audio podcasts are found:

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