MiSTer FPGA News – Sega Saturn, PSX, New Cores and more

Jaleco Chameleon Arcade Game

A core for Jaleco’s Chameleon arcade game is being worked on by Pierco. Chameleon is an early Jaleco game released in 1983. In the game you control a Chameleon whose goal is to eat eggs layed by hens.

Playstation Core

This weeks PlayStation core bug update involves a great post by Robert, the developer. The post talks about the process of finding and fixing bugs. If this is something that interests you, then you can check out his Patreon page to get a very detailed explanation.


Saturn Core Updates

We have more updates on the Saturn core. While it may have been a while since the last official update, Sergey, the developer still was busy with development on not only the Saturn core, but also the 32x core and maintaining other cores as well.

There are some CPU fixes.
SCU fixes.
VDP1 & VDP2 fixes.
And the sound proccessor has had fixes done.

Someone also went through the process of compiling the core and downloads are in the below links

Missile Command

JimmyStones posted a couple of tweets of the Missile Command core progress. Some graphical glitches were fixed and you can now get into a game to play it, but there are crosshair issues, making playing the game a lot more difficult. However, there is preliminary sound working.


MiSTer Addons Aluminum Cases

Production is underway for MiSTerAddon’s aluminum cases. Looks like he’s also going to have plenty of cases in stock once they are on sale. These cases allow you to passively cool your MiSTer setup.

Bare MiSTer kits will also be going on sale as soon as he recieves a shippment of DE10 Nanos.


PCXT Core Updates

Lots of updates to the PCXT Core by spark2k06. The latest official beta for the PCXT core is at version 1.5 and features several video mode updates and fixes. You can also download test builds in preparation for version 2.0 if you want to be on the bleeding edge.


New Casio PV-2000 Core

We have a new computer core of the Casio PV-2000 developed by Flandango. This was an obscure Japanese computer released by Casio in 1983 with similar specs to the MSX, but with a different sound chip. You can download the core now by just updating your MiSTer. To get the core running, you are going to need to obtain the computers System ROM and copy it to the core’s game folder and rename it to boot0.rom.


Gameboy Advance Updates

The Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Advance 2 player cores have received updates. The Gameboy Advanced core has received mostly bug fixes, but the 2 player core has received the ability to play 2 different games at the same time and also load a single player game save for both players.

Prehistoric Isle

And another core for an arcade game is currently in development. The core is for SNK’s Prehistoric Isle. Right now there are no color animations because the color palette is hard coded. The game is booting up and Darren__O, the developer, has shown how the splash screen looks at the moment.

The developer has worked on other cores like Zero Wing, Nichibutsu arcade games and more. If you would like to support the work, you can either make a one time donation or subscribe to Darren__O’s ko-fi page.

Other Miscellaneous Updates

And other miscellaneous MiSTer fixes and updates are:

paulbnl has updated the Gameboy, Gameboy 2p and Super Gameboy cores.
For all these cores, there were Window start fixes.
Custom boot roms
The Mani 161 and Wisdom Tree mappers were implemented.
And the frameworks were updated.

Specificly for the Super Gameboy:
A delay to the included boot rom was added. This affects Tetris DX.
And a random freeze after reset or rom load was fixed.

Core developer Javier add a new game to the Athena/Fighting Golf core.
The game is country Country Club, a golf game similar to Fighting Golf, but with a few differences.