32x Version of the 240p Test Suite Released

Dustin Dembrosky aka “Dasutin” has just released a fully ported version of the 240p Test Suite to the Sega 32x platform!  Everything is generated on the 32x layer, allowing for a completely independent set of tests from the Genesis / Mega Drive version.  This is absolutely awesome news for anyone testing 32x hardware or homebrew!!

Download the 32x Suite:
Support the project:

I often talk about how I use the 240p Test Suite more than all other “games” combined – And it’s true!  So much of the testing and research myself and many others in the dev scene do rely on it, so it’s a really big deal when there’s a full port to a new platform.  Thanks so much to Dustin, as well as Vic, Chilly, Artemio and everyone else who helped make this happen!

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