MiSTer FPGA News – NARC, Truxton II, S-Video Adapters & More

PCXT Core – Hercules Support

The PCXT Core has upgraded it’s MDA graphics support to Hercules graphics., but you still have the option to use CGA and Tandy graphics.


Arcade Game Organizer

City41 on github developed an open source app that can download, filter and organize arcade cores just they way you want, right from your desktop PC. The app is available for PC, Mac OS and Linux.


Performan Arcade Core

Anton Gale has released a core for Perfoman, a top-down action arcade game where you must eliminate every enemy in each stage.


Elevator Action

Anton Gale also started extracting the Elevator Action schematics. It is mentioned that a core is highly likely but no definite decision has been made.


S-Video/Composite Active Adapter

MiSTerAddons is selling an S-Video/Composite adapter for the MiSTerFPGA. It’s the active version of Mike Simones design, so it helps give you the best composite quality out of the MiSTerFPGA. This adapter also requires some forked cores created by Mike Simone which can be downloaded through the update all script.


Playstation Core

This weeks bug fixes for the PSX core are:

– graphical glitches in Turbo Prop Racing
– 480p hack now also supports 512i PAL content
– CD fixes for KKND and All Star Tennis
– several rip-off movie games fixed, e.g. “Lion and the King”


Truxton II

atrac17 has made some updates to the Truxton II core. The updates include:

-A stereo toggle.
– A toggle for fast scrolling.
– and an option to fix a sprite warping bug that was on the original hardware.

You can download the core by enabling CoinOp collection in update all. attract17 also plans to have one final build of Truxton II and Now Bro 2 before marking them complete and moving on from them.


New Toaplan Games

atrac17 also started working on the follwing Toaplan2 hardware games, in the order they will be released

-Knuckle Bash

Finally, atrac17 is also prepping for work on a project with Pramod in regards to his most recent work with the Midway Z-Unit and Y-Unit.


NARC & Other Possible Midway/Williams Cores

Pramod, who is working on NARC and Smash TV cores, has completed all aspects of the NARC core and is conducting verification for it.

Smash TV and NARC are based on Midway’s Z and Y Unit hardware. Other games that might be possible to bring to MiSTer that are based on the same hardware are:

-Strike Force
-Terminator 2 – Judgement Day
-High Impact Football
-Super High Impact Football
-Total Carnage
-and of course Mortal Kombat.

So regarding the work that’s being done with the Midway Z and Y Unit hardware. We already know that cores for NARC and Smash TV are being worked on, but there are more games that will be possible to bring to MiSTer that is based on the same hardware. Other games are.

-Trog – A maze game with similar gameplay to Pac-Man.
-Strike Force – A game with similar game play to Defender, but also 2 players can play at the same time.
-Terminator 2 – Judgement Day – A lightgun shooter game based on the movie.
-High Impact Football – An American football game.
-Super High Impact Football – The followup to High Impact Football
-Total Carnage – A multidirectional shooter like Smash TV
-and of course Mortal Kombat.


Wonder Planet

Jotego released a beta for the arcade game Wonder Planet, which is a vertically scrolling shooter. This is the final game that is part of the JTKARNOV core.

Jotego is also planning to update a bunch of cores with spinner support for next Friday.