Memcard Pro GC Firmware Update

A new firmware was just released for the GameCube version of the MemCard Pro.  This is the first public firmware since launch and contains quite a few bugfixes.  To install the firmware, extract the mcp2gc.bin file and the “os” folder from the zip to the root of your MicroSD card. On boot, the firmware update should start automatically, and once successfully completed, your MemCard PRO GC will restart – And please note that the first reboot after the update will take a long time;  DO NOT interrupt as it updates.  For more info on the MemCard Pro GC, check out the updates below and links, as well as Tito’s awesome launch video!

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Download Firmware:

New Features

  • OTA Updates through the WEBUI are now enabled
  • New Database system that doesn’t require files to be present on the SD card anymore

Bugfixes / Improvements

  • Fixed an issue that could cause read / write error when accessing data during a WiFi transfer
  • Fixed an issue with Hitman 2 that would cause the MemCard to randomly fail loading or saving
  • New auth sequence now works with all original game discs outside of Swiss (fixes 007: Everything or Nothing, THPS3 etc.)
  • Save exploit loading should be improved
  • Fixed an issue where long-holding the left button wouldn’t show the assigned IP address
  • Factory reset and Firmware revert options should now work
  • Memory that was freed from optimisations was re-allocated to WiFi so it should be faster and more stable now
  • You can now override a game’s name in the Card Browser
  • FPGA operations and stability has been improved

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