MemCard Pro Firmware Update v1.0.3

A new firmware has just been released for the MemCard Pro, that focuses on bugfixes.  If yours has been running smoothly, this isn’t the most exciting update, however updates like this are a good reflection on how diligently the team is still workign through the code and getting us the most stable experience.  Also, if you were running into any of these issues, hopefully this update takes care of it!

Download the new firmware here:

UPDATE:  A new version that’s compatible with both the PS1 and PS2 is now available:  /
MicroSD Cards:

US / North America:

To install the firmware, simply extract the zip to your MicroSD and overwrite the existing files.  Then make SURE to wait until it’s done and reboot.  For more info about the MemCard Pro, check out the video below.  The full list of changes and bugfixes in this firmware can be found below:

  • (FPGA) The Net Yaroze code branch is now separate from other SIO commands
  • (FPGA, MCU) Fix a bug where card switching commands over SIO would trigger multiple times
  • (MCU) Update libraries
  • (MCU) Startup delays for logos have been decreased
  • (MCU) Add a VCC stability delay to the OLED initialization code
  • (MCU) Pull-down OLED reset until VCC is stable
  • (MCU) Update the display framebuffer from a single place
  • (MCU) Fixed a bug that could cause the MCU to restart if the card was accessed while a long name was scrolling on the display
  • (MCU) Partially redraw the display framebuffer while scrolling
  • (MCU) Increase brownout limit to 2.85v
  • (MCU) Debounce memory card commands
  • (MCU) Don’t redraw the display while showing ODE logos
  • (MCU) Failure to initialize the OLED display is now treated as a fatal error that will cause the MCU to restart
  • (MCU) Draw the network information display with the correct font size
  • (Database) Split the FF Anthology and FF Chronicles into separate cards

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