Mega SD: Full Review

The Mega SD is a Genesis / Mega Drive ROM cart that plays Genesis, SMS, 32x AND Sega CD games, from all regions, all on one cartridge!  Unlike many other Optical Drive Emulators, this doesn’t replace the existing optical drive…and in fact, it doesn’t need any original Sega CD hardware at all!!!

Please check out the review for all the info you’ll need.  Make sure to pick up a 256GB MicroSD card (or higher) to fit the entire romset (Amazon links below) and the Mega SD can be purchased here:

Relevant links from the video:

3D Printed 32x Adapters (select your model from the drop-down):

Genesis 3 Info and Compatibility:

Sega “Triple Bypass” audio and video enhancement:

SMS FM Audio:

Alternative ROM Carts:

LBRY Stream / Download:


UPDATE:  Modern Vintage Gamer just uploaded his excellent review of the Mega SD and it covers pretty much everything I missed!  If you’d like even more info on this awesome cart, please check it out:

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