Mega SD Expansion Adapter Released

Mobius Strip Tech has just released an adapter that allows you to connect Terraonion’s Mega SD to the expansion slot of your Sega Genesis / Mega Drive.  This will allow 32x CD games to be launched from the Mega SD (32x required!!!) and will allow you to leave your 32x connected when regular Sega CD games are launched; Currently the 32x needs to be removed for SCD games to run.

Pre-orders are available here:
Purchase the Mega SD here:

It should be noted that due to the Sega Genesis’ bus limitations, normal ROMs can’t run from the expansion port.  That means adding this adapter to your setup will allow you to swap your Mega SD between the top (loading all roms) and side (for 32xCD / SCD).  Also, in order to load the MSD from the expansion slot, you’ll need to press reset after powering on; Not a big deal, but something to remember if you order one.

So, obviously, this product isn’t for everyone:  If you don’t have a 32x, this product isn’t necessary and if you don’t care about 32xCD games you can just remove the 32x when you play SCD games.

If you’re reading this post and are thinking of getting one, act now, as this seems to be a limited run item!


If you’d like to know more about both of these incredible ROM carts, please check out the videos below:

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