Axunworks JAMMA Extractor

There’s a new product from Axunworks that allows JAMMA-based arcade machines to break out the audio and video signals for streaming.  There’s actually been quite a few products like this released in the past few years (and at least one more to come in 2021), but as usual, Axun put his own spin on the design with some really interesting features!  As far as I know, this is the first adapter of it’s kind that’s specifically made with candy cab’s in mind.

The price is $80 for the main board and another $60 for the P2 breakout adapter with cables:

Please keep in mind that as with all arcade equipment, a bit of expert knowledge is required to understand the voltages and safety issues!!  While it should be safe to connect this to a JAMMA arcade cabinet and output RGBs via SCART or dsub (VGA-style) to a streaming setup, I always recommend checking the output with an oscilloscope to make sure.

It’s use in a head-to-head / candy cab environment is interesting, as the adapter claims to support up to three outputs simultaneously:  Connect it between the arcade board and 1st cabinet, then route the VGA + P2 controller port to the “player 2” cabinet via the JAMMA breakout adapter.  Then use the SCART output for streaming:

I’m not sure how power is handled for the second cabinet, or how the video voltages are brought from standard 0.7v levels up to what’s needed for the 2nd arcade monitor.  I’d definitely recommend checking your exact setup before purchasing.

Overall, it’s an interesting adapter and while it’s a bit niche, I imagine it’s the perfect solution for many candy cab owners.  Here’s some more pictures:


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